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Membership Benefits

  • Full voting rights at PAGB Elections and General Assembly Meetings
  • Discounts on all PAGB hosted events
  • Participation in all PAGB sponsored events
  • Participation in invitation only events
  • Opportunity to be part of the community and be represented by PAGB
  • Opportunity to promote Pakistani culture and awareness to the community at large
Membership Options
New members may join at any time within a year. All memberships expire on
March 22, and are due for renewal on March 23 of every year.


Name in full: ____________________________________________
Voting member reference:___________________________________
Home Address:___________________________________________ 
Home Phone:_____________________________________________
Cell Phone:______________________________________________
E-mail address: __________________________________________
Emergency contact: _______________________________________
New Membership: ___________Renewal Membership:  ____________

 * You are encouraged to attend our meetings and participatein our projects and at our events.
 * There are always volunteer opportunities available. Just ask. 
 * Donations are always welcome and gratefully accepted.
 * New members may join at any time during the year. 
 * All annual memberships expire on March 22 and are due for renewal on March 23 annually. 
 Annual Family Membership: $40 (Couples with children under 18)
 Annual Couples Membership: $30 
 Annual Single Membership: $20
 Annual Student Membership: $15 
 Please return completed form with check to: PAGB, 10 Atherton Road, Hudson MA 01749
 Payments can also be made online by PayPal.Visit

Family Membership (Couples with children under 18)

Membership price:  $30

Single - Non Student
Membership price:  $20

Single - Student
Membership price:  $15

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